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…to those of you seeking  practical, natural, safe, proven and effective therapies that enhance your vitality and address health concerns on all levels…

…to those of you whose Spirits guide you to seek refuges
of inspiration, serenity and peace…

…to those of you who live gently on the Earth
and search for attunement and harmony with all beings,
welcome to

Pacific Naturopathic Retreat Center
Water Cure/Nature Cure
-- a safe, lovely, natural place to heal

Our Hearts are our Guides…
Our mission springs from a base of spiritual focus: knowing that true, lasting change on any level of being begins in the depths of our hearts. To this end, we offer a quiet, private, meditative experience in a lovely, supportive, utterly relaxing environment, and guidance to the level of your choosing.

We Integrate Medical Worlds…
As licensed naturopathic physicians, we are truly integrative practitioners. We bring the vitalistic principles of NATURE CURE and WATER CURE into harmony with the most recent advances in physiology, biochemistry and laboratory testing and imaging.

Our guiding therapeutic philosophy is to begin with the least invasive, most effective and appropriate therapeutic approach, after having understood who you are and what needs you have.

A Natural Health Center A Natural Health Center
Water Cure / Hydrotherapy Facility Water Cure/Nature Cure Facility
Tropical Healing Herb and Vegetable Gardens Tropical Healing Herb and Vegetable Gardens

Drs. Connie and Marcel Hernandez - Pacific Naturopathic Retreat Center
47-4628 Waipio Road - Honokaa, Hawaii 96727

Phone: 808-775-1505


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