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The Vision


There is a place within our collective memories
that we dream about and search for. Our memories transmit the feelings of this place
to the cells of our bodies and our minds.

It is a place where the water is crystalline pure
and the air is clear, warm and embracing; where the land is bursting
with fertility and food grows effortlessly and abundantly.

It is a place where the opportunity exists
for all beings to consistently express and manifest their highest visions
and where relationships between people and the Earth are harmonious and co-creative.

It is a place dedicated to offering inspiration and healing to the Earth
and the creatures that inhabit it.

It is a place which embraces all beings
in a vibration that encourages their own memories and helps them walk their paths
with centered gentleness.

It is a place where friends gather to work, play and celebrate in gratitude
the joys and wonders of creation and the bliss of the consciousness of Divine Mother.

In the creation of our healing retreat center,
we aspire to the fulfillment of this vision.

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Drs. Connie and Marcel Hernandez - Pacific Naturopathic Retreat Center
47-4628 Waipio Road - Honokaa, Hawaii 96727

Phone: 808-775-1505


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